Opportunity to get Franchise and Smart Franchise.

Opportunity of income for smart franchise one to 3 lak minimum assessment

Opportunity to get .3 million to one million

Features of Three in One Offer

  1. Ahmad courier & Cargo Services Smc Private Limited
  2. Products & Services (optional)
  3. installment Business . get products on installment and sell on installment.(optional)

Terms & Conditions

  1. you can apply for smart franchise if you have small investment . one person covered area one standard shop.
  2. Apply For Franchise if you have sufficient experience and investment and covered area .
  3. Electronics and products that can be sold on installment . you can get 50 percent payment.
  4. Remaining payment plan will be three month in three installment.
  5. No Franchise Fee. only security deposit according to requirement.
  6. 5k processing fee for smart franchise not returnable.10k for franchise.
  7. Products and services all consumer products and all business services
  8. Please mail handwritten application at admin@ahmadcourier.com.
  9. After application we will contact and will get fee and other documents.
  10. Copy of cnic, fee deposit slip, rent agreement pictures of location address other business details.
small business package by ahmadcourier.com
small business package by ahmadcourier.com
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